LOUISiana flooded, but Fats Domino lives!

Things have been rather hectic at LOUIE central for the past few weeks- construction work, broken video gear, lack of regular internet access for 4 days, and some kind of sinus-cold-flu infection that has given me congestion with a headache, but hey… I’m not complaining. At least I’m not in New Orleans, where it’s a real disaster.

Our very best wishes go to the folks in New Orleans and other areas hit hard by the big hurricane. For a few days, nobody could find Fats Domino, but it turns out he was able to find refuge with LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell, whose girlfriend was a family friend of the Domino family.

If you can afford to give money for the refugees, I would encourage you to do so, as they can certainly use the support. At the FEMA page, there’s a list of charities you can send money to. I wouldn’t send anything to Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing organization, as I don’t like to support radical extremists, but that’s just me. There’s plenty of other great organizations you can support.

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