RIP: Buddy Blue, original Beat Farmer

God damn it! It was less than a week ago that I posted information about the reunion of the Beat Famers with original member Buddy Blue .

Now, Buddy Blue is dead.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has an obituary for today’s paper:

Bernard “Buddy” Seigal was a tireless mainstay of the San […]

Frank Zappa – “Do you want Grace Slick to sing LOUIE LOUIE?”

“Do you want Grace Slick to sing LOUIE LOUIE? Would that be the ultimate get-off for a Fillmore East audience or what?”

Damn, I loved hearing that phrase spoken by Frank Zappa at a Mothers of Invention show at a Fillmore East concert recorded on on November 14, 1970! I don’t think the Jefferson […]

Whole buncha Zappa articles + LOUIE is indeed soul music!

My pal David the Punmaster just sent me a link to a webpage that lists a whole bunch of Frank Zappa articles:

It doesn’t list the Rip Rense article about Frank Zappa, but it’s still the most comprehensive Zappa article online database I’ve seen so far. And yes, there are some LOUIE references within […]

Zappa Plays Zappa

Monday May 23rd, 2005 – Announced today the First Duly Authorized & Certified Frank Zappa Respective! And Perspective! Zappa Brothers Dweezil & Ahmet have called together many mighty musicians to join them in playing the Music of Frank Zappa – Live!

Authentic: This is the first OFFICIAL presentation of Frank Zappa Music since the […]