Recovering from LOUIE LOUIE Day – World Records and Louie Fest

Last week, the world celebrated April 11- International LOUIE LOUIE Day! It was quite an undertaking at the virtual headquarters of the LLAMAS organization, with the members scattered all over the globe, but we did it! Right now, we’re seeing a handful of reports of International LOUIE LOUIE Day out in cyberspace, including here, […]

Two Pop Icons + Two Beers = Too Cool!

Here’s something I can’t help but love. Two delicious beers from two different companies utilizing two pop culture icons to label their product. I like good beer. I like the works of Frank Zappa and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. This is the type of product that screams out to me…. “take me home!” … […]

RIP: Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco music promoter

The LOUIE REPORT just lost another great ally. Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco’s own “pope of punk” has passed away. Apparently, he died in his sleep Sunday night/Monday morning.

Dirk was the most influential music promoter during the heyday of punk rock in San Francisco. In 1976, Dirk began booking punk and new music shows […]

More April Connections- Three Heroes of LOUIE

In the posting before last, I mentioned some factoids connected to the month of April. Here’s some special April days I’d like to add to the list.

Today, Thursday, April 13 is the big birthday for Dick Peterson, vocalist & drummer for the Kingsmen. April 13 is also the birthday for Duane Eddy, Jack Casady […]

Remembering those no longer with us

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the passing of Richard Berry. Time really does go quickly.

This LOUIE LOUIE documentary of mine is certainly the longest project I’ve ever worked on. I certainly didn’t intend to spend so many years working on it, but it’s been a very complicated journey. The main person I’m producing […]