RIP: Martin G. Cameron, friend + motion graphics visionary for LOUIE project

I am deeply saddened to report the passing of our dear friend Martin G. Cameron.

Three days after my mother’s ashes were laid to rest, Martin died peacefully in his sleep. I learned about his death from his Facebook page.

Martin aka “Bucky” was a truly a kindred spirit at LOUIE project. We all shared a deep appreciation for art, music, cinema and great storytelling, with a special love for MAD magazine, comic books and the primordial goo of rock music from which the essence of LOUIE LOUIE oozed freely.

Martin was a veteran motion graphics visionary from the LucasArts game universe, and we were overjoyed to be able to bring him into our team.

Here’s a little mock-up he created for the project..

Sadly, so many of our intended animations were never finished. We had a handful of rough mock-ups that didn’t quite make to the finish line, as well as a lot of things we planned to work on as soon as the finances arrived….

Unfortunately, in the course of life, we were thrown a curveball, and lost a dear friend who provided a wonderful level of support for the project.

The day before he passed, Martin shared this beautiful photo of a sunset captured near his home in Petaluma, California.

Our thoughts are with Nicholas, Laurie, his family and extended circle of friends.

We’re going to miss you, my friend.

rest in peace, Bucky.

– Eric Predoehl, producer of LOUIE project


Martin’s DogBrain Studios

Martin’s Vimeo Page

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