Sandy and The Wild Wombats – Have Love Will Travel – LOUIE relative of the Week

I just out about a cool German rockabilly band known as Sandy and The Wild Wombats. Apparently, they’ve been doing some extensive touring all over Europe, and they’ve already played the “Viva Las Vegas” event last year.

The lead vocalist / ringleader of this group, Sandy West, has a real distinctive voice, and i’m hoping the band will visit San Francisco in the near future.

Anyways, I found a cool performance they did of “Have Love Will Travel”- Richard Berry‘s own sequel to his LOUIE, and I figured I just had to share this thing.

This recording came from their debut album “The Girl Can’t Help It!” and the video is really a hoot… probably the funniest video i’ve ever seen of this song!

You can find out more about this band by visiting, which for now, is their Facebook page.

Hopefully nobody’s going to confuse this band with another great “Sandy band”- Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Boys, featuring my friend Big Sandy aka Robert Williams. They also do an excellent version of “Have Love Will Travel,” but it’s more like Richard Berry’s version, as opposed to the Wild Wombats, who used the Sonics version as a template.

For more on Big Sandy, go visit and tell him LOUIE sent ‘cha!

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