This week, we’re going to hold off from posting a “LOUIE of the Week.” It’s not for lack of material, but simply a lack of time to do this sort of thing properly

Caregiving has been the main priority for yours truly. Taking care of beloved family members. Providing help for a handful of friends that have been dealing with some pretty big problems. Then again, there’s also some comparatively minor personal medical-dental issues that seem inconsequential compared all the other big problems people are facing (especially for those in Napa and Sonoma)…. but still demanding a certain level of attention that I really shouldn’t be ignoring any longer.

With any luck, I hope to find the time to share more information about the documentary-in-progress, which includes some unexpected testimonials, some newly acquired archival material from some-long-gone record labels, some bits of writings I need to finish, including something about “Hugh Hefner, LOUIE LOUIE and the American Dream,” as well as a handful of ultra-rare recordings of THAT SONG by some unlikely musicians that could probably blow a few minds when I finally unveil these thingies ….

All I need is time… and probably more coffee…

…. to be continued…

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