The Blues Poets – LOUIE of the Week


This week, The Blues Poets get the LOUIE spotlight with their special version of the song.

Here’s their band statement, shared via their YouTube page:

The band in one, two – hey are survivors, musicians who are still performing what they choose to perform; a mix of blues, soul and r ‘n’ b music. The only guarantee is harassment, that and an interminable succession of the most minor, most petty inconveniences imaginable – all designed to do your head in, destroying the very discipline you’ve had to grab and cling onto in order to survive, not just as an artist but as a human being. Here we have The Blues Poets and guests, live on stage, playing out a day-in-the-life of people who aren’t themselves, not anywhere near it, not on any personal level, although art is always personal – it’s what the plays about.

“I’m not saying that every play about musicians must have musicians in the parts. But in this particular play the qualitative and genuine nature of the performance of music is structural. Obviously there is a difference between performing music and acting a performance of music. A similar distinction exists between the creation of art and a simulation of the creation of art. In one, two – hey it is necessary that the art of music-in-performance is created.” (James Kelman)

The Blues Poets
George Gallacher – vocals/harmonica
Fraser Watson – guitar
Jackson Clarkin – bass/piano
Scott McGowan – guitar
Dougie Henderson – drums

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