Bangkok Blue -Louie’s In The House – LOUIE (Remix) of the Week


Here’s a LOUIE recording that I really enjoyed finding…

Blue Johnson aka Bangkok Blue did a jazzy remix of Richard Berry‘s original version, and shared with the world on YouTube.

Here’s a brief description from his YouTube page:

“Louie’s In The House” is a REMIX of Richard Berry‘s original recording of “Louie Louie”. Most people never realized that Richard Berry wrote and recorded the song in 1957. In 1963 the Kingsmen recorded the song and it became a world-wide mega-hit but there was never any mention that Richard Berry was the original writer of the song. Fortunately in the mid 80’s, Berry’s lawyers were able to prove in court that he had been illegally deprived of several million dollars in unpaid back royalties! Richard Berry finally won a lucrative settlement that put an end to one of the biggest rip-off attempts in the history of the music business!

In 2006 my son, James Ming Johnson and I decided to do this REMIX in honor of the late, great Richard Berry. Ming (who was in high school then), did all the digital sampling and engineering from the original 45 RPM single and he and I both programmed and added some keyboard parts in this REMIX.

This may become my favorite new LOUIE recording of the year, as I really enjoy hearing versions that don’t sound like any other versions… as well as hearing different variations of Richard singing that song…

Feel free to visit Blue Johnson / Bangkok Blue at his Facebook page:


A little over a month after I wrote this post about Bangkok Blue Johnson, I received this sad news about him today on his Facebook page:


I never met Mr. Blue Johnson, but we did make contact, and he was very grateful for the acknowledgement on these pages.

Rest in peace, my friend.

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