The Stabilisers + Armitage Shanks “Louie Louie Music” – LOUIE of Week

My friend Joe Maccoll shared some information about a song called “Louie Louie Music,” which was covered by his band the Stabilisers.

The original version of the song was done by Armitage Shanks!

(YouTube description)
Louie Louie Music by Armitage Shanks from the album Louie Louie Music EP
Released 2012-05-18 on Little Teddy Recordings.

If HARDSKIN were a garage band they would be ARMITAGE SHANKS… fact. Rudimentary punk rock done with that rough and tumble Medway sound. Like THEE MILKSHAKES minus the 60’s. Four tunes that don’t mess around, no meandering, fancy bridges, fiddly intros, extended endings, just straight up punch in the face punk rock. This band do it right, God bless them!

Joe Maccoll points out…

Musically it is reminiscent(or a rip-off) of Wild Billy Childish‘s “Joe Strummers grave.”

(YouTube description)
Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall – 2007 – Damaged Goods Records – Cat No DAMGOOD 281.

Joe Maccoll also adds…

All three songs were recorded in Ranscombe Studios in Kent. Jim Riley must be sick of this riff by now!

… and yet another comment…

…as it turns out guitarist Allan Crockford with Wild Billy Childish in Thee Headcoats,so this makes some kind of sense.So, although not LL,it carries the spirit of the song in its genes,and more importantly,it rocks!

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