Ray and Dave Davis 2015 reunion with “You Really Got Me” – LOUIE relative of the Week


Ray Davies and Dave Davies together again on stage in 2015?

Fantastic news! It feels like an early Christmas present! Thank you!!

It was a special night …. On Friday, the 18th of December of this year (that would be 2015) the Dave Davies band performed at the Islington Assembly Hall in London. Ray Davies showed up to sing on the last song of the show – “You Really Got Me!”

The last time they played together in public was in 1996 – 19 years ago.

Perhaps there may be a Kinks reunion in 2016? One can only hope….

We are very glad our friend Denis Diken was part of this one…..

As some of our associates have implied that this song was directly influenced by “LOUE LOUIE,” so we’ll throw this one into the “LOUIE Relative” category….


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