The Coalition Of Unified Men – (most annoying?) LOUIE of the Week

The past two weeks have hectic, chaotic and otherwise pre-occupied at LOUIE Central. I don’t feel like sharing details, but it’s been a very stressful time …

So it’s time for something out of the ordinary at the LOUIE Report. It’s time for a blog post I started, but never finished, covering the topic of the “most annoying version of LOUIE LOUIE.”

For some folks…. this might be a large list of possible candidates, but from where I’m sitting, it’s a short list.

The Coalition Of Unified Men version would be my first choice. Juvenile humor with bad jokes and an abundance of flatulent sound effects. It uses redefines the term “LOUIE” in less-than flattering terms… not unlike the British term “trump,” which is experiencing a bit of a revival in the USA these days.

Political correctness is definitely not part of this performance

I’d like to thank the members of Coalition Of Unified Men for sharing this version with me years ago. I believe they also created a special music video for this performance, but I can’t find it online anywhere, and the VHS tape i believe they sent me (??) is buried deep in the EP-LOUIE archives.

Anyways, here’s this special version, and my first choice for the “Most Annoying Version of LOUIE LOUIE.” If anyone out in cyberspace has any other nominations for this category they’d like to share, please drop me a line, OK?


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