The Rocket 88s “Luigi Luigi” – LOUIE of the Week

This week, my friend Andy Martello shares a tasty LOUIE LOUIE, which has been declared “LOUIE of the Week!”

Bon Appetit!


The Olive Mill in San Tan Valley, AZ offers more than an olive grove, peach farm, and gourmet food shop. On weekends, they also feature live music.

During Memorial Day, they offered peach bratwursts, delicious beverages, and a blues festival.

The Rocket 88s played many a fine blues tune and entertained everyone thoroughly. At the end their set, they proclaimed they were going to play “An Italian Blues Song.”

I missed the opening chords, because… how was I to know the song they were going to play was “LUIGI LUIGI??”

Enjoy the song and the drunk dancing, the even more drunken commentary, and a fun version of a song we all love.

This one would have been great for the Italian LOUIE LOUIE Marathon!!

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