Julian Cope & Ian McCulloch in 1978 – LOUIE of the Week


Another LOUIE LOUIE rarity discovered on YouTube:

This is the only copy of a recording of a band called “Uh?” which consisted of Julian Cope (vocals on this track), before he formed The Teardrop Explodes, and Ian McCulloch (playing a melodica), before he formed Echo and the Bunnymen, along with other band members (Dave Pickett, drums) and with former Spitfire Boys’ Pete Griffiths also onstage that day..

The gig was at Kirklands Wine Bar in Liverpool in July, 1978, and these two tracks are mentioned in Julian Cope’s book Head-On but this is the first time they’ve been publicly heard since then. Uh? were supporting another Liverpool band, Crash Course, that day.

This recording is of ‘Louie Louie’ and a snippet of ‘Jefferson Davis’.

Michael Reid owns the copyright to the sound recording and has consented to it being uploaded onto You Tube.

Copyright attributions and descriptions of the photos used in this video can be found in the original article at http://www.bombedoutpunk.com


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