The Pretty Things – LOUIE of the Week

Did you know that The Pretty Things, the legendary British rock band formed in 1963, recored LOUIE LOUIE? Yes, it’s true… the song was part of their 2005 album “Rockin’ the Garage!”

The Pretty Things has had quite a colorful career over the past half-century, playing all over the world, releasing various albums on quite a few labels.

Before creating this band with co-founder Phil May, founder Dick Tayor was part of another band called Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys, featuring fellow Sidcup Art College student Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger. Those three guys later joined up with someone named Brian Jones to create yet another band that would be known as the Rollin’ Stones. Dick Taylor wound up quitting that particular band when he was accepted to London Central School of Art, where he met Phil May.

…and the rest is history, so to speak….

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