Fink Ployd – (Dark Side of the) LOUIE of the Week

Here’s a super-rare version of LOUIE LOUIE that very few people have ever heard.

This is “Dark Side of the LOUIE” by a band known as “Fink Ployd.”

I have NO idea who these people are, but I do know they submitted this recording for the infamous KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE Marathon that took place back in 1983. it was a semi-anonymous cassette tape, which I believe didn’t have any names or addresses attached to the package.

As fate would have it, there’s no documentation of this recording being broadcast during this historic marathon. It wasn’t noted on any of the logsheets or recorded on any the air check cassette tapes. It may been aired during the “lost hour” of the 63 hour marathon, or maybe it was never aired at all.

Truly a mystery… in more ways than one….

Anyways, within a year after the original Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon took place, organizers Stretch Riedle, Phil Dirt, and Doc Pelzel brought the LOUIE LOUIE party to other stations around the USA. Earlier this year, Charles McWhorter shared some fond memories of hearing a big LOUIE LOUIE marathon on KRQX (570 AM), an AM stereo station based in Dallas, Texas. He mentioned that he had heard and recorded the Soft Jews version, but he missed out on recording the version he heard by Pink Floyd.

I’m thinking it was probably the “Fink Ployd” version that he heard…. especially as I know for a fact that Stretch does not possess any version by the band Pink Floyd…. yet…

I know … it’s easy to get confused by similar names, and this recording does sound a lot like the band featuring Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and David Gilmour.

As I assembled a quick little video, I found some incredible psychedelic fractal animation from the “Electric Sheep” project coordinated by Scott Draves, which has a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license that freely allows folks to use the footage for non-commercial projects.

Here’s the original video clip that I used…

The way this fractal animation project came together is quite fascinating…

‘Sheep’ are fractal animations that can be designed by humans, generated by computers using a genetic algorithm, or a combination of both. This animation used the top 256 ‘best’ sheep (by number of votes) from the Electric Sheep server, rendered into a continuously-looping animation.votes) from the Electric Sheep server, rendered into a continuously-looping animation.

You can find more about this Electric Sheep project by visiting:

Scott’s website is at

For more information about Creative Commons licensing, please visit:

In the meantime, I’m still searching for the REAL Pink Floyd recording of LOUIE LOUIE, as noted in the liner notes of the Syd Barrett box set, so if you find it, be sure to drop me a line, OK?

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