Unknown LOUIE (KFJC version #332) & other ponderings- LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE spotlight is on yet another Unknown LOUIE LOUIE recording from the KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE Marathon.

A few years ago, I wrote up a post entitled “KFJC Tomb of the Unknown LOUIEs” which sought to identify some of the recordings that couldn’t be identified. Since that particular posting, a few things became apparent……

There were 842 versions of THE SONG played at the marathon, but some of these turned out to be repeats, which did happen a few times, particularly with the Robin Roberts version, which credited to either Rockin’ Robin Roberts or the Wailers, aka the Fabulous Wailers.

Not every LOUIE was a “Purebred LOUIE” as written by Richard Berry. Some of these LOUIEs were “LOUIE Bastards” – the exact same song with different lyrics, but credited to someone else. More often than anything else, these LOUIEs would often be “LOUIE Mutants” – a category that would included medleys, mash-ups or otherwise oddball re-arrangements on the LOUIE theme.

While this marathon played every known commercial recording of the song, so many of the LOUIEs played at this marathon were of the D.I.Y. variety, which provided a wide cross section of good, bad, and really, really ugly. Some of these versions took the term “unlistenable” to a whole new spectrum.

So many of these D.I.Y. versions with such unusual monikers as Captain Porko & the Dyzonics, Deviant Schizophrenics, Mal Nutrition, AXYD VUMAB (or was it Acksid Myvob?), Bovine Flatulents, and the Exploding Pintos, to name a few, may never be completely identified.

Then, there also 22 versions that have not been identified, were never properly logged on the log sheets, and are known simply as “Unknown.”

Here’s his week’s version – the “Unknown LOUIE- KFJC version #332,” which I hope someone out in cyberspace might be able to identify. ..

This is truly a crazy LOUIE! Looking at my notes, I wrote…“Wow! A psychotic woman sings LOUIE LOUIE while someone makes crazy sounds with horns and some odd pieces of percussion.”

I do hope you’re entertained by this silly one….


When I posted the article “KFJC Tomb of the Unknown LOUIEs,” this version was originally identified as “KFJC version #331,” but in the course of time, we discovered ONE lost version on the tapes that wasn’t properly separated from the batch, and so we had to renumber all of the LOUIEs from that point onwards..

It’s taken awhile, but I think we’ve finally got the archives in proper order after way too many years of part-time data-tweaking. Of the 63 hours, close to 62 hours were preserved and finally properly catalogued.

My plan to share more of these “Unknown” LOUIE LOUIE recordings, as well as more of the truly inspired versions that were never released to the general public.

Somewhere down the line, it may make sense to share the entire marathon online. Eventually, I hope to be able to coordinate some type of online interactive database that would provide definitive proof of why this song is the most recorded song of all time.

I’m hoping to see improved webpage development tools that would make it easier to assemble the kind of online database I’d like to share. As web design is NOT a major focus in my life these days, I’m hoping the software will continue to become more intuitive, just as WordPress made it so much easier for someone like myself to publish this very webpage, initially created without the benefit of any “blogging software.”

Naturally, the database would have to be designed to allow others to chime with their comments, either clarifying details about any given recording, or maybe adding a different level of absurdity to an already absurd nature of this archival project….

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