The Shockwaves live in 1999 – LOUIE of the Week

It’s winter time in the United States, and folks are looking for some warmth during cold times. I thought to myself… why not provide a little glimmer of summertime to warm the spirits of my friends in cyberspace?

Today, I’m sharing yet another rare video nugget from the E.P. archives, all while highlighting a previously unseen version of LOUIE LOUIE for the regular LOUIE of the Week feature.

Today, it’s a video of the Shockwaves performing on a beautiful warm beach in Northern California sometime in 1999.

The Shockwaves were a band that featured my pal Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, the man who was the catalyst for the infamous KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, which was the big event directly responsible for me getting involved with this rather ambitious LOUIE LOUIE project.

In this video clip, the Shockwaves get together for a special performance in 1999 at Santa Cruz, California. As this particular show took place at a remote beach with very steep cliffs, no electrical access, and a dangerous incline that involved carrying a very heavy gas powered generator down a rocky dirt road, this particular event was lovingly referred to as “LIVE AT SOME DAMNED BEACH.” Today, I’ve posted 4 different clips from this show, including a little introductory video of the band busting their chops dragging their gear down to the beach.

The Shockwaves was a surf instrumental band that was formed during the 1980s in San Jose, California. The band had gone through various incarnations with different personnel over the years, but this particular version was a reunion of the original founding members with guitarists Joe Kelly and Jon Kohlman along with drummer Jeff “Stretch” Riedle. The only change to the original formula was that Jessica Hayden, rather than Randy Hyden was the bassist for this performance.

The Shockwaves actually released a recording of this song, which was included on the 1988 Rhino Records compilation “BEST OF LOUIE LOUIE – VOLUME 2“. That particular incarnation of the band had different guitar players from the original group, substituting Roger Rush and Frank Novicki for Joe and Jon. You can see that band backing up singer-songwriter Richard Berry at a LOUIE LOUIE parade in 1988 with this other YouTube clip that I posted:

I have no idea if any incarnation of the Shockwaves will ever reunite again, but at least I’ve got some cool video that’s fun to share….

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