Colorfinger – LOUIE of the Week

Oh boy… this blog post took a bit longer than expected. I try to get these “LOUIEs of the Week” posted early in the week, but this week too many other things pulled away my focus…

This week, I was pre-occupied by my workload – putting in crazy hours at the Outside Lands last weekend, then being part of a big video production with Yo Yo Ma in Berkeley on Tuesday. On top of that, there was Paul Revere’s retirement, my mother’s 90th birthday, and the unexpected death of a beloved entertainer that I met at a little birthday party in San Francisco, which threw me off more than I expected. During this week, I also witnessed some magnificent performances by the Sonics and Sir Paul McCartney.

Anyways, as you the humble viewer, patiently waited for this week’s special LOUIE, I am proud to finally unveil this week’s LOUIE….

Colorfinger is the band that provides this week’s LOUIE. This is a live performance on KFJC radio back in 1990, dedicated to Phil Dirt, one of the masterminds behind the legendary “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon that inspired this very project.


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