Paul Revere – Steppin’ Out

You might have heard the latest info about Paul Revere…..

Pollstar broke the news on Friday, August 8th with the Headline “Paul Revere Ends His Ride

Having led The Raiders for five decades, Paul Revere announces he is hanging up his tri-corner hat but his band will keep on rocking.

Today’s announcement states that Revere’s son, Jamie, is returning to the band. Today’s Raiders include Doug Heath, Ron Foos and Danny Krause along with 10-year Lettermen vet Darren Dowler and former Buckinghams drummer Tommy Scheckel.

There is a slight tweak to the band’s name. The group will perform under the moniker Paul Revere’s Raiders.

There’s actually been no confirmation regarding any permanent retirement from the man himself on his official webpages, but here’s a special announcement direct from his official webpage, dated July 18, 2014:

Hey gang, Paul Revere here!

You know, 2014 has been just a great year for the band so far, thanks to you guys. We’ve played killer shows to great audiences all over America, and we’re having a blast – Disney, Busch Gardens, the “Where The Action Is” cruise, Las Vegas and every supermarket opening and pie eating contest along the way.

Even though I’ve had some health issues, nothing can stop the old man. I’m like the Energizer Bunny! I jump on my tour bus and go from city to city, packing a trunk full of great Raider songs, tight pants and bad jokes – all against doctor’s orders, by the way!

I’ve been the worst patient these guys have ever seen, and they’ve been on me to take a break all year. So, we finally did take a break, and recorded two new singles (due out in September), but that’s not good enough for them. They want a longer break. I told them, “Hey, I’ve got to hit the road, I’m booked! And I’m bored!!”

Well, you can’t ignore doctor’s orders forever, and I have to give in this time or these wonderful men and women might stop trying to help me. It breaks my heart to have to stay home while the band goes out without me to our next block of dates. You don’t even know how much it kills me. But the truth is, The Raiders kick major butt with or without me. We’ve designed this show to run like a Ferrari, even if it’s only firing on 11 cylinders. It’s built for speed from the ground up. High energy and fun is what a Paul Revere and The Raiders show is all about, and that’s always the same, no matter which one of us shows up in a body cast.

So come out and see my boys, and tell them how much you miss me. We have the absolute best fans. I love you all and will see you soon.

The show must always go on!
Love, Paul

To paraphrase another, may the reports of his retirement be premature, with Paul returning to the stage as soon his health improves!

… But if this does turn out to permanent retirement, he’s certainly entitled to live out his life in whatever manner he sees fit. Paul Revere has been an American treasure that has provided high-quality entertainment for 50+ years.

It would be nice if the first rock band signed to the world’s largest record company in the early 1960s (Columbia) would get a bit more attention.

At their height of their career, they appeared on more television shows than any other rock bands, including the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but so much of this has been completely forgotten about Paul Revere & the Raiders in 2014….

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