Kronic Mind in 1983- LOUIE of the Week

To start off the new year with a bang, I’ve decided to release some rare footage from my archives.

Exactly two weeks before the infamous Maximum: LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC and long before I ever dreamed about researching this song for an epic documentary, I borrowed some video equipment to shoot a little performance of some friends at a KFJC Open Mike performance.

Kronic Mind was the band, which was a collective of different people that liked to screw around with this crazy experimental music stuff. Kelly Smith, was a super-talented singer-songwriter that played with the R.B. Firebirds, and later formed Gunga Din, and the Land Pirates, two pop music groups that really deserved greater recognition in a more perfect universe. Bassist Butthouse went on to bigger and better things after this little group, playing with the Limbomaniacs, MCM & the Monster, Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker, and a ton of other musical projects I just can’t keep track of. Host/co-conspirator Paul K., aka Buddy Awreetus, worked with various other bands, and created the Rarefaction company responsible for the popular “A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick” music library.

As things would turn out, this particular video clip turned out to be the very first time I ever shot any video footage of ANY band performing LOUIE LOUIE. This particular edit I’m sharing, which has never been seen prior to this upload, marks the first time the audio of the live radio broadcast was synched up with the audio of the video. I had to do a bit of work to make this work, as my radio recording, which was broadcast as LOUIE #249 of the KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, was on a cassette tape that was converted to the digital domain, edited out of a 45 minute chunk by my friend Theo de Grood of the Netherlands, and then brought into my Final Cut Pro video edit system, where the speed was adjusted to 103.43 % to match up with the original 3/4″ videotape recording. The audio combines both sources, as I thought the original radio feed was a bit too polished, and needed more of the chaos going on in the studio.

So there you go.. a worldwide premiere of a performance that took place over 25 years ago!

This shall be the first LOUIE of the Week for 2009! Enjoy!
… and you recognize yourself or anyone you know in this video, drop me an email, why don’t cha? It’s been awhile….

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