In Search of Interns for LOUIE

With the beginning of the new year, I’ve decided I need some extra help on this project. I’ve posted a request for interns on CraigsList.

Ideally, the interns should be based in the San Francisco bay area, but if I find some dedicated people outside the area, I may take them up on their offers.

It’s a no-pay situation, but I will gladly provide a film credit, and a letter of recommendation, if so desired.

CraigsList posting for January 2009

UPDATE: It appears that this posting is being flagged for reasons I do not understand, so I’ll post more details at the blog…

Music Documentary needs Interns (SF Bay Area)

Producer / director of documentary film seeks interns to help with various tasks related to completion of project.

Specific tasks may include:

* Transcription of interviews from raw video and/or audio recordings
* Research, licensing and other administrative tasks
* Media management of archival material
* Video / Audio Post-production reconstructive assembly
* Some DVD / CD duplication as needed

The ideal candidates are highly-motivated, well-organized, detail-oriented individuals with proficient computer skills. Candidates need to own a computer, preferably a laptop with broadband access. Candidates are also expected to own specialized software, depending on which types of tasks they would choose to participate in.

For transcriptions, simple word processing software would be sufficient, but candidates are encouraged to utilize Dragon, Soundbooth, MacSpeech Dictate, or other transcription software if they are so inclined.

For video / audio post-production reconstructive assembly work, candidates would be expected to have access to their own copies of Final Cut Studio and/or Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Flash). Pro Tools is another great tool that would be handy for this line of work.

There is plenty of work remaining, with room for more than one person to split responsibilities to fit your skill set. An intern could focus on administrative tasks involving transcriptions, licensing and research, or they could focus strictly on media management and video / audio post-production reconstructive assembly work. They may focus on a certain groupof tasks, or all of the tasks; again, this would be based on availability and skill set.

The congenial Production Team for this project currently uses a variety of tools, including Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Photoshop, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Filemaker Pro, Toast, and other specialized media software. If you own these tools, and need tutorials, we’ll be more than happy to provide some training specific to our goals. If you own other tools that can do equivalent tasks, then we’ll evaluate your output to determine whether such tools are suitable.

Candidates must be able to work out of their home, and be able to meet with producer / director at least once a week at either a San Francisco Presidio office or other mutually-convenient bay area location(s). Candidates commit to achieving certain time-based goals, working flexible hours, whether 5 hours a week or 40 hours a week. As long as the work is accomplished in a timely professional manner, life is wonderful!

The film documentary is about the history of an extremely popular musical composition, written in the 1950’s, that had a unique impact on pop culture and politics. It has been recorded in a wide variety of musical genres by countless musicians. Candidates will be expected to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), ensuring that this material shall not be shared before the documentary is released to the public.

While no stipend is available, intern will receive film credit in the final production and a letter of recommendation at the end of the internship, as well as school class credit, if such a program is offered by your school.

Candidates should submit a resume, and a cover letter of introduction. For those focusing on audio/ video post-production work, a DVD, a webpage or even some YouTube clips would be very useful to demonstrate your abilities.

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