Happy Birthday Patti Smith – LOUIE of the Week

On December 30, 1946, Patricia Lee Smith was born in Chicago. This woman grew up to become Patti Smith – the writer, poet and rock music legend that we are all very fond of over at the LouieLouie.net headquarters.

As 2013 comes to a close, we’d like to celebrate with the music of Patti Smith, whose birthday was a day short of New Year’s Eve. In this particular clip, recorded in 1976, Patti performs “LOUIE LOUIE” as part of medley that included “Pale Blue Eyes” – a song written by Lou Reed, who we lost this year.

Happy Birthday Patti Smith!

Happy New Year 2014!


I love the photo of Patti with a Bolex film camera. It was taken by Judy Linn, and shared in Smith’s memoir, “Just Kids” and a photo book entitled “Patti Smith 1969-1976.” More details can found at:

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