Lost Lyrics of Famous Songs

Cracked.com had an intriguing article entitled “5 Insane Lost Verses That Change the Meaning of Famous Songs.”

LOUIE LOUIE is not one of the featured songs with the “lost lyrics,” but it is referenced within this article:

It’s been said (by us, right now) that 90 percent of all popular music is about love and sex. Take any random song and it’s a fair bet that the singer has someone or wants someone or lost someone. And if the song title is someone’s name, the odds are even better. Who are “Roxanne,” “Carrie Anne,” “Barbara Ann”? We don’t know … but we have a pretty good guess.

The bet gets a little less sure when the title’s a man’s name and the singer’s male. When “Louie, Louie” came out, while people were sure there was something dirty about it, they didn’t picture a threesome between the singer, Louie, and Louie.

The article goes on to discuss the original lyrics removed from songs by Elton John and the Rolling Stones, which had some definite sexual connotations in their original form.

I didn’t expect similar innuendoes in the 1928 song “Big Rock Candy Mountain” by Harry McClintock, but it all makes sense….

It’s enlightening, entertaining information, but some of you may wish you didn’t read it… after reading it!


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