Kooch Bahar – LOUIE of the Week

Today, I’m sharing a little nugget from the old E.P. archives. Twenty years ago this week, Kooch Bahar, a really fun little band from San Jose, California decided to do their final show on December 17, 1988. Like so many great bands you’ve never heard of, they were talented, wrote great original songs, had a devoted following, but they never found a niche where they could turn their music into a profitable career.

Kooch Bahar were Paula Lykins & Sean McFarland on lead vocals, Mike McFarland on guitar, Craig Stinette on bass, and Dave Rubin on drums. I haven’t heard from any of these folks for many years, and I have no idea whatever happened to them.

The performance was at one of my all-time favorite divebars that hasn’t existed for many years – Marsugi’s Bar & Grill in downtown San Jose, California. This week, I decided to post a handful of clips from this farewell show up on YouTube, just to do a little shout-out in cyberspace to see if anybody still cares about this band.

The big finale included some guest appearances with members of Dot 3, some guys I’m still in touch with, even though that band broke up in 1991. Kooch Bahar does a big drum-jam, and then by some odd spontaneous movement, they wind up doing a song I’m quite fond of.

As I posted this clip to cyberspace, I decided that this week’s LOUIE of the Week should be given to the late great, Kooch Bahar, a band I miss…

Where ever you are, Kooch Bahar…. you are not forgotten!

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