killthewaves = LOUIE of the Week

Whenever possible, I try to find a distinctly unique version of the song LOUIE LOUIE for the ongoing weekly showcase at this LOUIE blog of mine.

This week is one of those special moments that make me go “AHA!” It’s not only a very different sounding version, using AutoTune (or similar technology) electronic effects to alter the vocals, but the YouTube video is also an extremely entertaining bit of cinema that utilizes playful backward movements in a rather poetic manner.

The musical performer is known as killthewaves, and the video was created by
Dave Kwant, an award winning director and cameraman based in Hokitika on New Zealand’s West Coast.

This LOUIE LOUIE clip was filmed at Hokitika Wildfoods festival in New Zealand. You can learn more about Dave’s work by visiting his website at

Good job, Dave!

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