Rare video of the Calvanes from LOUIE archives

Continuing with more memories from the Hunter Hancock tribute event produced by Doo Wop Society of Southern California of March 4, 2000, I’m sharing another clip from the same show, the same videotape.

This is the Calvanes performing the song “Crazy Over You.” My friend Steve Propes is the man introducing the band, which features Herman Pruitt, Bobby Adams, James Corbett, and Fred Willis. You can read a nice little overview of that evening by going to the Doo-Society review page.

Back in October 2006, I reported that Freddie Willis of the Calvanes, died of cancer. Freddie joined the group in 1958 and recorded on their Deck singles. He was a member of the group during the last 16 years.

I’m not sure which one of these gentleman is Freddie, but I’m happy to share this video, just as I shared video of Hunter Hancock and Johnny Flamingo from the same videotape. If friends and family of the departed are able to find some joy in seeing their loved ones preserved for posterity on YouTube, then I’m glad to share.

Another performer from that night’s performance, Vernon Green of the Medallions, also passed away not long after I saw him, coincidentally on the same day as Johnny Flamingo left us – December 24, 2000.

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