Chip Kinman and PCH – LOUIE of the Week

HEY! Anyone out there remember Rank and File? How about The Dils? Cowboy Nation?

All of the bands featured the very talented Chip Kinman, whose name kinda sounds like “Kingsmen” if you put a little chewing gum in your ears… not that you’d ever do such a thing…

Chip Kinman & PCH

Anyways, Chip’s got a new band and a new album. His new band is callled Chip Kinman & PCH. His new album is called “My First Punk Rock Record.”

Can you guess what one of the songs is on this new record? YUP, it’s a recording that allows me to present him with the official LOUIE OF THE WEEK award! You can hear this special recording by going to his official MySpace page at:

IN 1983, I saw an amazing Rank & File show at the Saddle Rack in San Jose. Last year, I saw Chip play with No Alternative at the DirkFest in San Francisco. He’s still a fantastic musician.

His MySpace page has some pretty interesting stuff, including an ongoing blog entry he calls “confessions of a rapidly aging punk rocker.” You can read all about his PCH band, which used to be called Pacific Coast Highway.

Next weekend, if you’re in Los Angeles, you can go to Chip’s Official Record Release Party. On Saturday, August 2, from 6pm-8pm, Chip will be the star of the show at the luz de Jesus Gallery on 4633 Hollywood Boulevard. There’s going to be free food, and the band will perform the entire album, including LOUIE LOUIE.

Show up, mention the LOUIE REPORT, and maybe you’ll get something special! I can’t promise anything, but it’s worth a shot!

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