Mike Wilhelm & Hired Guns @ Clearlake – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE LOUIE spotlight returns to Mike Wilhem and the Hired Guns, who graced this webpage with a version a year and a half ago.

This particular version has a really cool video produced my new friend Edward Chatham, who shot this clip in Clear Lake, California, just north of San Francisco.

Mike Wilhelm, who was a founding member of the Charlatans, that later joined the Flamin’ Groovies, and also led Loose Gravel, was recently inducted into the American Heritage International Blues Hall of Fame at a ceremony a few months ago.

Ed provided a summary of the band on the YouTube posting..

In addition to Blues Hall of Fame inductee, guitarist/vocalist Wilhelm, three-time Grammy-winning woodwind virtuoso Paul McCandless on saxes and flute and outstanding Bay Area gutbucket blues singer and guitarist Rev. Rabia will be joining the band. Rounding out the aggregation are Gary Bouley on guitar, Jamie Webber on bass and Colin Holmes on drums.

Good job, guys!

Live at the Blue Wing Saloon, Upper Lake, CA on Sept. 17, 2012


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