Joey Welch – Apotement Guitar style – LOUIE of the Week

Have you ever heard of the term “Apotement Guitar style?”
If you haven’t….. join the club! This was a style of music I was not familiar with… until now.

Today for this week’s LOUIE LOUIE, it’s Joey Welch doing the iconic song “Apotement Guitar style.” Here’s a little explanation of the style direct from his YouTube description:

Apotement Guitar is fundamentally a very simple approach, it is much like how one would approach piano accompaniment: on each chord, play in a rhythmic fashion covering the one, three, five of the chord. For example, in A Major you would simply tap with both hands on the fret board A, C# and E in a rhythmic manner (I always say just dance with your fingers and let things happen). For Color you can add the 4, 7 and whatever else sounds appropriate. I realize this might sound over-simplified but it really isn’t a complex approach. Developing the skill can take a while. You can use the “Louis, Louis” example I use in the video to practice. It will sound like shit at first but the more you do it, the better it sounds.

Joey is also a singer-songwriter-guitarist with band known as the Born Again Floozies! They’ve got a new album produced by Grammy award-winning producer Ben Fowler entitled The Voluptuous Panic, which has been called “an existential exploration of memory and place, a rampage of love and innovation.”

You can find more about Joey Welch and Born Again Floozies by visiting the official website at:

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