Flog the Goat- LOUIE of the Week (rerun)

Still feeling energized by last week’s INTERNATIONAL LOUIE LOUIE DAY celebrations, I discovered a cool poll seeking some opinions on the “absolute BEST version of LOUIE LOUIE” on the Sillysoft Games Forum, with a tip of the hat to Clay.

Thanks to this particular poll, I rediscovered this week’s LOUIE LOUIE!

This one’s by Flog the Goat from sunny Auckland New Zealand. Steve plays another guitar, David thumps the bass, Tim pounds the drums, and Tim & Lucy B take credit for acting and bass

Truth be told, it was actually a LOUIE of the Week back in Sept 2010, but I’m feeling kinda lazy this Monday, and wanted to share some love for the folks at Sillysoft Games Forum. Dig?


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