Anti-Lou is the LOUIE of the Week

This week, the big LOUIE of the Week award goes to Anti-Lou!


Anti-Lou (1995-2000), the quintessential cow pasture rock ‘n roll band of the mid-to-late nineties, stole more girlfriends from each other than they did their fans. Born in the midst of adolescent hormones, bad hairstyles, and nicotine poisoning, the band changed lineups numerous times (Derek Smith – original drummer, John Howard – guitarist, Dwayne Davis – bass, Joshua Holt – guitar, Jeff Pillow – vocals) before cementing their legacy in a cow pasture between Cullen and Madisonville, VA at a little place known as the Cabin. But hell, who can forget the Mule Barn? Or the house Derek told us we had permission to practice in but really didn’t until the cops showed up?

You can read more about the band, and hear their version of LOUIE LOUIE by going to their official MySpace page at

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