Nightlife featuring Mark Terpening- LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE of the Week spotlight is focused on a 20+ year old clip that was unveiled on YouTube a few months ago. The performance took place place in Anaheim – the town where Richard Berry wrote the song in 1955 at the Harmony Ballroom.

The YouTube description describes it as such:

Mark shot this at Club Coronado in Anaheim 1987. I think it’s called The Dolphin Lounge now. He’s tearing up Louie Louie. He still plays in the area in Monkeys Uncle. Pay no attention to the knucklehead in the blue shirt and his gawdawful guitar solo. : ) wad’ja’say? Steve Lewis= guitar vocals, Tom Sebourn= keyboards vocals, Scott Stieber (spelling?)= drums, Billy Pulliam= bass vocals, Bob Faeser= guitar vocals.

Ladies and gentlemen, appearing on the blog, it’s Nightlife featuring Mark Terpening, playing in Anaheim!

And if you want to see what Mark Terpening sounds like nowadays, here’s a clip of his current band, live in Anaheim….

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