Steve Plunkett – LOUIE of the Week

As a dedicated archivist, I spent some serious time browsing through record stores, looking for obscure recordings of LOUIE LOUIE. During the 1990s, there were a healthy handful of contemporary LOUIE LOUIE recordings I’d see on a regular basis in the various stores I’d visit.

One of those recordings was done by Steve Plunkett, a singer/ songwriter/ guitarist that previously performed with the band Autograph before releasing his first solo album, “My Attitude.” LOUIE LOUIE was one of the tracks on this album, and it was also released as a CD single. It was a catchy pop rock approach to the song, and I also liked the cover art for the CD single, which had a King Louis-type image.

Steve Plunkett - LOUIE LOUIE

I was tickled to find an official music video of the song on YouTube.

I had no idea it even existed!!

It’s interesting that the TV show where this music video was broadcast didn’t know how to spell Steve’s last name, but not completely surprising….

As a footnote, I checked to see if one could still buy a CD of “My Attitude.” As I discovered over at Amazon, one can still buy a new (ie: sealed) copy of this CD … only $45!

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