Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 3 days to go..

Anticipation is building for the big LOUIE FEST this weekend. I just got an email from someone that’s actually driving to the event, and then sleeping in their van parked next the event, because they didn’t want to miss a single minute of it!

.. And folks thought I was the obsessive one! Whew…. this takes a special kind of dedication, and my hat is off to those that participate in such a manner! Fortunately, I don’t have to do that sort of thing while I’m in Tacoma or Seattle, as I’ve got some good friends in the area. I haven’t quite figured what I’m going to do in other parts of the Northwest during my travels. While I’d love to stay at the Hiltons, the Hyatts, or even the Marriotts, I have a feeling I’ll probably end up at some cozy little cheap roadside inns, hopefully with a decent WiFi connection.

If anyone out there has any recommendations for worthy stops in the Northwest, or would care to sponsor any aspect of this documentary production trek, I’d be flattered. This project is not sponsored by any major production studio, major venture capital investors, or even trust funds, for that matter. If you’d like to see your name in the credits, and feel like doing a little underwriting, I’m all ears. Send an an email to LOUIE at and we’ll see what we can figure out…

In the meantime, the LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest to build momentum, and it’s absolutely not too late to enter your video into this event! Here’s a little clip from Jeff & the R.F’s, live in Tacoma, Washington:

One of the interesting things I discovered when I set up the LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest group on YouTube is the fact that you can have email alerts sent to you whenever certain tags come up. I typed in the phrase “Louie Louie” and this is what my first YouTube subscription looked like:

LOUIE LOUIE subscriptions on YouTube

There’s some real interesting YouTube uploads there. Henry Siebertz and The Vox do a rather dynamic version of LOUIE LOUIE that is definitely worth bookmarking. The “Simvenchy Cruise Fall/Winter 2007/08 Show” video clip is a weird little piece of computer animation involving half-clad fashion models strutting down the walkway to various rock and roll songs, including LOUIE LOUIE. Very strange to see these sexy little computer-generated girls and think to myself …. “it’s not real!”

Anyways, we’d love to have more folks join us at this contest. It’s a party, so join us if you want to share some fun…

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