Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 4 days to go..

Next weekend, I’ll be at the big LOUIE FEST up in the Tacoma, Washington region of the world…. the town of Spanaway, actually, participating in an event that willl attempt to bring over 1,000 guitars in one place to perform LOUIE LOUIE! I’ll be doing a solo road trip for this one, taking my clunker car many miles from home to visit my Northwest friends, and capture more elements for my epic LOUIE LOUIE documentary project.

As usual, I’m multi-tasking like a schizophrenic octopus, trying to do a lot of things in a very short time. While I write these words, I wait for my other computer to finish rendering a video file that may or may not be part of a special presentation for for my friends that want to see some examples of what I’ve been working on. Everything takes time… especially when you have to hurry up an wait….

I’m also preparing for a big job immediately after my Northwest trek. I’ll be attending Burning Man for the first time, shooting video for some TV show. I’ve never been to this thing, but I have many friends that absolutely love it. I also have some friends that attended that said.. “never again!” Can I handle being out in the middle of a desert without access to a telephone or my trusty computer? This should be very interesting….

As I juggle all these different things, I’m frustrated over the fact that way too many things are happening in a very short period. Apparently, on the same weekend as the LOUIE FEST, the Chocolate Watchband are doing their final performance at the Northwest FuzzFest. The weekend afterwards, as I return from my roadtrip, there’s a party for the closing of Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley, California. I just don’t know if I can do it all….

This is really upsetting. I’ve had too many good experiences at this club. I’ve shot video for some really great parties for John Goddard of Village Music, who’s also closing his record store at the end of September. I’ve been meaning to write up something nice about all my wonderful experiences at both Village Music and Sweetwater, maybe creating a comic strip blog like I’ve done for other postings, but I just don’t have the time to do this properly.

In the meantime, the LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest is coming together… Here’s a video clip of a dancing hamster toy!

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