The Unband “Geeze Louise” – LOUIE of the week

This week, I decided to draw attention to a “LOUIE song” that’s not the famous one written by Richard Berry.

“Geeze Louise” is a “LOUIE” because LOUISE is the female equivalent of LOUIE, pronounced as the plural of LOUIE….

The band is The UnBand, and if you haven’t heard this song, here it is…

There’s a couple of reasons why I thought about this song. I wrote about the UnBand a few years ago after seeing a documentary on the band at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. I thought it was an exceptional film about a really fun band that reminded me of mutant hybrid of Motorhead, the Replacements and Spinal Tap. In many ways, the UnBand is like a real-life Spinal Tap, complete with absurd, unintentional comedy.

As I mentioned in my original blog post, immediately after the the director of this film, Lexie Shabel, wrapped up this project, she discovered she had breast cancer. She began work on a very different type of film – an autobiographical documentary on her cancer adventures.

Last Friday, February 4th was declared “World Cancer Day.” By some odd coincidence, that’s also the birthday for a friend of mine that successfully fought two types of cancer.

A few weeks ago, I found out another friend of mine has cancer, and it looks like she’ll probably have to undergo chemo therapy. We made plans to meet up on February 5th at a special music show, but she was was feeling so rotten, she decided to stay home that night.

I am very worried about my friend, and I’m hoping she’ll kick this thing. I don’t want to lose her….

By some strange fluke, tonight I wound up spending 6 hours in the emergency room tonight with my 86 year old mother, who had an injury, which luckily turned out to relatively minor, but still damned scary. At her age, any injury can be life-threatening.

It’s all reminder that life is indeed precious and every day is a gift.

Geez Louise….!!

That is the song that makes perfect sense to me this week..

I’d like to encourage more folks to check out the films created by my friend Lexie Shabel, as I do believe they deserve your attention.

Here’s a trailer for the UnBand documentary, complete with naughty language and silly behavior…

There’s also the trailer for the ME film, which is all about Lexie’s bout with breast cancer, complete with naked breasts…

You can find more about Lexie’s films by visiting her website at:

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