Mae West’s New Year’s Resolutions- LOUIE of the Week

Mae West- Wild Christmas album

For those of you that need some inspiration for the new year’s resolutions you haven’t made yet, here’s a song about new year’s resolutions, with a LOUIE LOUIE beat to it…

In 1966, comedian-actress-movie-icon Mae West recorded an album called “Wild Christmas, featuring a special ditty called “New Year’s Resolution,” which has been named LOUIE of the Week.

Finding a copy of this particular record is not an easy task. This record was on a small label with limited distribution. In 1980, the record was re-released on a small label with the new title of “Mae in December.”

From what I can tell, both of these records are completely out-of-print, and not available on CD. I saw a mention of one of the records being sold for $200 on Amazon.

Luckily, there’s some people out there that like to share, and one of these people posted a YouTube clip that features Mae singing “New Year’s Resolution,” which has been declared this week’s LOUIE LOUIE.

Here it is….

For those you that would like to find out more information about this album, I found a couple of of interesting links you might enjoy….

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