Tragedy for ? & the Mysterians

This was sent to me from my pal Stretch:

I’m sorry to bother you, but a emergency has just come up. ? & The Mysterians, (“96 Tears” fame)has had a HUGE tragedy, We need to get the word out to fans and friends. This past Tuesday night, ?’s home in Clio, MI. that he has lived in with his manager and manager’s wife, since 1967, burned down taking with it 4 of his 7 Yorkies, his parrot and everything they have ever owned including his gold records, laptop containing all his downloaded material, photos, posters, all his stage clothes, every single thing he owns. He was in the basement doing laundry when he smelled smoke. He ran upstairs in time to rescue three of his seven Yorkies, two of whom are blind, but could not save the others. They are uninsured and living in their tour bus in the yard, next to their barn as they also raise pigs, chickens and a few other farm animals.

I would be interested in putting together a benefit for him, but as of this moment I am looking for some help in getting the word out for donations. Winter is finally baring down on us this week and living in the bus with four adults and three old Yorkies is going to be tough. They don’t have clothing, dishes, basic needs as of this moment and at his age to rebuild, (he is in his sixties) is going to be very difficult. He is devasted at the loss of his precious pups and I’m just trying to get him by until he can mentally handle the devistation. The fire department told him it was a electrical fire.

Please contact me and let me know if you can put the word out.
Something, anything would be appreciated. If anyone would be interested in helping us do a benefit or something, please contact us asap.

Thank you, Sincerely,
Marla Swartz
Eldar Entertainment
(517) 548 1780
email here

? can be reached at
(810) 686 3299
PO Box 96 Clio, MI 4842

ADDITION: The official website is for all information about Question Mark and the Mysterians is If you’re in New York City on Saturday, February 3rd – GO TO THE BENEFIT!

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