Tommy’s Birthday + Over the Hill – LOUIE of the Week

Last week, I mentioned a handful of KFJC personalities that celebrated their birthdays Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Somehow, I neglected to mention a KFJC personality that had their birthday last Friday.

Tommy Predovich, aka “Tommy Toonz” had his day on Friday. Last year, as some of you may remember, I identified Tommy as one half of “York & Toonz,” the recording artists responsible for the track known as “Mystery LOUIE #445.”

Tommy participated at the infamous KFJC MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE marathon. In fact, he was responsible for picking up Richard Berry and his daughter Christy at the train station.

York & Tooz Show

For HIS birthday, he sent me a video of the band that performed at his store (Vinyl Solution, San Mateo, CA) on Record Store Day – April 17, 2010. Because I want to continue to celebrate Tommy’s birthday a little longer, as well as the concept of “Record Store Day,” I’m declaring this video “LOUIE of the Day.”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Over the Hill, a band from Half Moon Bay, California.

Before I forget, here’s a clip of Tommy with the Hoodoo Gurus that I shot behind the record store with Tommy’s old Cadillac. Tommy’s got the snazzy bowtie!

Tommy & Hoodoo Gurus

For more about Tommy’s universe, be sure to visit

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