Neil Young – a slightly recycled LOUIE of the Week to celebrate five special people!

Thanks to the silly social network known as Facebook, I’ve discovered that five friends of mine are celebrating their birthday this week. Because all five of these friends have a connection to KFJC and the big LOUIE Marathon, I thought I’d give a shout-out to ’em all at once with this little LOUIE of the Week.

The KFJC group shot by Eric Predoehl

On Monday, Michael Dresbach celebrates his anniversary. During the marathon, Michael’s band A Cruel Hoax was the live band that preceded the live performance of Richard Berry, Jack Ely & the Lady Bo Trio. I videotaped that band, but not Michael’s. Oh well, I tried, but it was a hectic weekend, and I was only the only one with a video camera!

On Tuesday, Marty Preece and Shannon Willyoung have her birthday celebrations. Marty was one of the primary engineers for KFJC Radio, and personally mixed the audio for all of the live broadcasts during the LOUIE marathon. During the marathon, Shannon was one of the DJ’s that spun discs during the 63 hour marathon, using the air name of “Cory.”

On Wednesday, Jeff “Stretch” Riedle has his big day, sharing it with Mr. Iggy Pop. Stretch was the one that initiated the crazy LOUIE marathons, starting off with a late night hour of nothing but LOUIE. Since then, he’s been collecting every LOUIE known to mankind.

On Thursday, Big Myke Destiny celebrates his birthday. While Myke wasn’t at KFJC during the wacky marathon, he joined the station not long afterwards, where he created the popular “Big Guitar Show,” which is currently a regular feature at

So to celebrate these five people with a special connection to KFJC, I thought I’d showcase the most unusual LOUIE LOUIE from this marathon that’s ever been posted to YouTube.

So, it’s time for Neil Young‘s version of LOUIE LOUIE, featuring at least one of these birthday people!

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