Spider-Man Dances to Iggy Pop’s LOUIE LOUIE at 2010 Wonder-Con – LOUIE of the Week

There are some things you don’t plan for, but they just kind of happen…

Saturday was one of those kinda days. Being the pop-culture connoisseur that I am, I made a point of going to the big Wonder-Con of San Francisco, the big annual event where comic books and comic book-inspired pop culture are fully embraced and appreciated by thousands of likewise-minded individuals.

In less than 10 minutes after I arrived at the convention center, I was a witness to a most peculiar performance that utilized the very song that this particular website is dedicated to. Some guy dressed in a Spider-Man suit had joined some kids to dance on stage to a recording of LOUIE LOUIE by Iggy Pop. Synchronicity? Absolutely!!!

Good thing I had my little pocket camera with me…

ENJOY! I deem this special dance performance as “LOUIE of the Week!”

(Tip of the hat goes out to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who were NOT dancing at this event)

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