Brave Combo in Peoria 2009- LOUIE of the Week

Brave Combo is one of the bands that I keep hearing about whenever I attempt to archive some of known versions of LOUIE LOUIE. There’s a lot of live versions by the band out there in cyberspace….

Brave Combo seems to be known as a polka band, but their rendition of LOUIE LOUIE also fuses some elements of latin salsa into the mix.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Brave Combo playing at the 2009 Octoberfest in Peoria, Illinois on September 18, 2009.

I’ve never seen the band yet, but they seem like they’ve got a good groove going on, and a lot of dedicated fans! As this video clip demonstrates, they’ve got fans of all ages!

Keep up the fine work, Brave Combo! You are the winners of this week’s LOUIE of the Week award!

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