Richard Berry radio special in the Netherlands

Here’s a little email I just received that I thought I’d share…

Dear Mister Predoehl,

Maybe it’s nice for you to know that there will be a Richard Berry radio special on “Rompin’ Stompin’ Radio” at RTV Mercurius (that’s in the Netherlands).
We will be broadcasting it on monday 18 jan. from 17.00 till 18.00 CET.
Of course we will start and (almost) finish with Louis Louis.

I think is a very nice webside. Good and interesting information.
You may put me on your mailing-list. I hope you’ll find time (and money) to finish you documentary!

Keep up the good work,
Ivo Poelsma

Take note: 6 febr. it will 50 years since Jesse Belvin died.

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