More on the KFJC marathon + 50th Anniversary

There’s a few things to note regarding the infamous “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon at KFJC radio.

First, here’s a clip that I borrowed from the website:

This clip is a sampling of some of the local TV news coverage of this August 1983 event.

Second, the Mountain View Voice newspaper recently posted an article on the KFJC 50th anniversary, which included this excerpt:

Over the years, KFJC has held events as eclectic and bizarre as its play lists.

In August 1983, the station played 823 versions of the Richard Berrie hit “Louie Louie.” The songwriter himself performed live on the air to promote what they called the “Maximum Louie Louie” marathon, which ran for more than 63 hours and garnered attention from the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.

One student hosted a show where instead of reviewing films, he rated laundromats, giving them between one and four “suds.” He was eventually invited to speak to a large laundry organization.

“It was amazing what he was able to do with a very stupid idea,” Pelzel said.

Just for the record, the student that did the laundromat show was Remo Perini, aka “Lou York,” who along with Tommy Predovich, aka “Tommy Toonz,” created what was formerly known as “LOUIE LOUIE Mystery Version #445.”

York and Tunz LOUIE LOUIE

Also, it’s Richard Berry, not Richard Berrie that wrote LOUIE LOUIE.

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