Les Yper-Sound’s Psyché Rock – direct inspiration for Futurama theme song

This week, I’m recycling our friend Clay Stabler‘s addition to the LOUIE LOUIE Wikipedia page.

In 1967 French composers Michel Colombier and Pierre Henry, collaborating as Les Yper-Sound, produced a musique concrète work based on the “Louie Louie” riff titled “”Psyché Rock“. They subsequently worked with choreographer Maurice Béjart on a “Psyché Rock”-based score for the ballet Messe pour le temps présent. The full score with multiple mixes of “Psyché Rock” was released on the album Métamorphose. The album was reissued in 1997 with additional remixes including one by Ken Abyss titled “Psyché Rock (Metal Time Machine Mix)” that, along with the original, heavily influenced Christopher Tyng‘s Futurama theme song.

Listen to the original here:


… and here for comparison is the Futurama theme song:


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