12 Days ’til LOUIE LOUIE 2020 Christmas – Day 5

It’s the 5th day of the 12 days ’til LOUIE LOUIE 2020 Christmas, and someone gave to me..

The Roxford University Winter Showcase 2015

I believe this group is called The Volume.

I do like these kids. Cool attitude. Good sense of style. They truly rock.


* * * * * * * * * *

As some of you might have noticed, the focus of these recent posts has undergone some minor shifts. What started off with a celebration of “12 Days of LOUIE LOUIE 2020 Christmas” shifted over to a “12 Days ’til LOUIE LOUIE 2020 Christmas” theme.

Growing up in a semi-agnostic environment, I was under the impression that the traditional celebration of the “12 Days of Christmas” started 12 days before, and came to a climax, so to speak, on Christmas Day. As I recently discovered, thanks to that Google-search-thing, this was NOT the case.

My world views changed… once again. (yes, I do that sort of thing…)

With my new revelations, I chose to reframe this theme, as I have NO interest in alienating any of my Christian friends with my ignorance of traditional celebrations of the “12 Days of Christmas.”

As fate would have it, one of my longtime all-time favorite living musicians, was also tweaking the “12 Days of Christmas” paradigm.

The legendary Paul McCartney came up with a “12 Days of Paul” theme which started out over a week ago to celebrate the special unveiling of his third solo album – McCartney III, which is being released TODAY – Friday, December 18

Paul came up with a brilliant idea to celebrate his new music. He freely shared sheet music for his new songs, and encouraged other musicians to perform cover versions of then-unreleased songs from this brand new album, using the hashtag of #12daysofpaul.

Some of these are really good – check out these YouTube clips!!

love ya, Paul!



To date, we have not yet seen any evidence of any partridges, pear trees, turtle doves, French hens or calling birds connected to any LOUIE recordings….

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