a handful of LOUIEs from Zachary – part 1

We DO live in interesting times that often seems unreal. Rather than write about any of that stuff, I think we’ll just share a handful of LOUIE LOUIEs.

My new friend Zachary F. Lively has been bombarding his Facebook wall with a massive pile of LOUIE LOUIEs. In the spirit of recycling, I’m just gonna share a bunch of Zachary’s posts this week.

Let’s give it to ’em.. right now….

Mysterious sounds reverberating from Gotham…HLY

Robin and the Batmen – Louie Louie
Label: Sara (J-6614)
Batskinner / Louie Louie
via: http://artyfactsinwax.blogspot.gr/

– – – – – – –

I met this exotic dancer – she started to take off her shirt, and then put it back on,she then unzipped her trousers, and promptly zipped them back up, then she began to again take off her shirt, before putting it back on, then once more with the trouser routine, unzip, then re-zip.
Turns out, she was a Möbius Stripper. HLY

Les Zéniths – Louie Louie (1966)

Translated from French…
“The group started in the summer of 1964. It was made up of young residents of Saint-Rodrigue, a parish of Charlesbourg, Quebec.

Pierre Plante and one of his friends, Jacques Pépin, are already thinking of forming a group when they contact Pierre Bédard to try to make their project a reality…”

– – – – – – –

It’s a day today. HLY.

Bendatron – Louie Louie

– – – – – – –

All roads lead to diddly squat. Surely someone in St. Augustine knows where there might be an affordable apartment for rent? DM me if so.
Meanwhile, time marches on. Happy Louie Year.

Dulce Heidi – Louie Louie (2006)

– – – – – – –

“It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.” HLY.

UPDATE: This version is by Xanax, who provided information about this recording..

This is me (Xanax/Josey) on vocals, just having some fun with karaoke. I also created the video from bits and pieces I gathered around Youtube to create a theme!

Fun stuff!

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