Countdown to LOUIE Day 2020 – 2 days to go

International LOUIE LOUIE Day – April 11th is coming soon!

With two days to go, here’s some LOUIEs from our friend Clay Stabler who posted these at the LOUIE LOUIE Party over at Facebook.

This first one really blows my mind! TBGO aka “The Beat Goes On” Marching Band from Portland, Oregon took the message of LOUIE to China!

More international Louie Louie: Here’s The Beat Goes On from Portland playing LL atop the Great Wall of China. Could this be seen from space? – Clay

More details about these folks by visiting
Ever hear of ChickpeaJC and the Big Hair Girls? This is kinda fun!

Lots of amateur LL mixes/videos on YouTube of varying quality. Here’s a good one done by Matty D from Jersey City starring ChickpeaJC and the Big Hair Girls.- Clay

Here’s something that i’ve never seen or heard – a LOUIE recording from the country of Turkey!

More international LL: Here’s Düşgezginleri with a 1996 version from Izmir, Turkey and an interesting slide show of the band and their history. Can’t get the name to translate — anyone speak Turkish? – Clay

Here’s the YouTube desciption:

1957 ‘de Richard Berry ile başlamış şarkının hikayesi
Sonra Rockin’ RobinRoberts 1960…The Kingsmen söylemiş 1963, FBI şarkının sözlerinin peşine düşmüş yıllarca..
Motorhead söylemiş 1978 ‘de ve daha bir çok kimse.
Biz de 1996 ‘lı yıllarda söyledik Motorhead’den daha naif, Kingsmen ‘den daha sert her iki gruptan farklı orlarak, 3 ses vokali bu şarkıda sadece biz yaptık.
Deep Bar KüçükPark’da “Canlı” kaydedilmiştir

There will be more tomorrow…

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