Countdown to LOUIE Day 2020 – 5 days to go

International LOUIE LOUIE Day – April 11th is coming soon!

Here’s a few tasty ones shared by our friend Clay Stabler at the LOUIE LOUIE Party over at Facebook.

Today is April 6, 1963 – The date of the original Kingsmen LL recording. Still searching for my holy grail – a recording of “Louie Louie” by a group named Louie Louie (of which there are several) in a venue named Louie Louie (of which there are many). So far only two out of three: Crude Rockinger performing LL in the Louie Louie Rock Bar in Estepona, Spain (as originally noted in the Louie Report of 9/9/2014).

(This) version is a smooth rendition from David Marks and the Summertime Blues. The Louie Report featured David Marks (aka the “Lost Beach Boy”) back in 2009 but that link isn’t working, so here’s a replacement. Recommend reading more about the interesting story of Mr. Marks and his career in and out of the Beach Boys.
David Marks and the Summertime Blues live at Eddie’s Attic – August 22, 2011

What happens when a band plays LL live in a radio station studio? Perhaps we should ask the KFJC jocks from the 1983 Maximum Louie Louie event. Here’s a 2017 example from the “Transylvania” show on Radio La Fuente in San Jose, Costa Rica featuring an acoustic version by a group named Peñaskazo . The result: good music and some crazy dancing!

This version is from Israel by the RPS Surfers (featuring Nitzan Horesh & Kay Zur) and features an unusual instrument. Is this what they call grindcore?

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