LOUIE bits of March 2020 – Clay Day!

As March 2020 comes to close with minimal blog activity, this seemed like a good time to do a little recycling to make up for lost time.

Our friend Clay Stabler has shared some assorted LOUIE bits over at the LOUIE Party located at Facebook, so with his permission, we’re bringing mo these bits to the Louie Report…

As fate would have it, today is also Clay’s birthday, so please join me in celebrating this very special day… which also happens to be my brother Tom’s birthday!



1) Here’s one for Stretch: Mick Fleetwood pounding out LL back in 1985. Anyone know more about this performance? – Clay

2) Scott Baio does LL! Here’s another TV show version from Full House S3E9 with Scott Baio, John Stamos, and cast. The John Stamos and David Coulier version on Full House S7E3 was documented on the Louie Report back in January 2019. – Clay

3) Here’s one for Mike Hintze: Some Berlin night club ‘borrowed’ your 2005 Nicholas Hintze version to advertise a special Louie Louie night show way back in 2007. – Clay

4) Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth talks about the influence of Louie Louie. – Clay

5) For those with some time on their (well-washed) hands, here’s a video of Dr. Christopher Doll‘s 2014 lecture at the Rock Hall of Fame on the history of 60s R&R with special emphasis on the impact of the “three chord vamp” from LL. Our own EP gets a mention in the Q&A session at the end! This will all be familiar to our LLAMAS members, but it’s still worth a listen.

Dr. Doll also wrote an article for the 2012 Indiana Theory Review that digs even deeper into the music theory of LL and similar songs:


Some dense reading, but several excellent points about how Richard Berry transformed the riff and how LL is, per Frank Zappa, an “Archetypal American Music Icon” in rock music history. Again our own EP gets a mention in a footnote! – Clay

6) Been doing some serious LL searching whilst self-quarantined. The LL discography on Wikipedia is now at 3000+ versions and still growing. Will share some of my discoveries as we approach International Louie Louie Day 2020. – Clay


Current total version count for all known LOUIE LOUIE recordings as of March 27, 2020 (10:56 am PDT): 3200

Incredible work! Thank you again, Clay!!!

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